GrubStreet: The Team Behind Donna Transports Its Tropical Inclinations to Japan

"Donna is one of New York’s funnest cocktail bars. They keep it loose while serving some of the city’s best cocktails (to start: the mai tai and Brancalada), in a place that feels like a tropical getaway on quieter weeknights and like a party somewhere in Mexico City when it gets raucous. It’s a type of bar, in other words, that New Yorkers could always have more of, and now they do. Last night, owner Leif Huckman opened the Hidden Pearl in the back of Greenpoint ramen restaurant Wanpaku..."

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Nilsson Schmilsson | Hidden Pearl, Brooklyn

“Bartender Jeremy Oertel has a way with crushed ice and coconut cream. He used those two tools to famous effect a few years ago in the Brancolada, the standout cocktail at Brooklyn’s Donna. Now, he’s worked his magic again at Hidden Pearl, another Brooklyn bar, tucked behind a ramen restaurant. Whereas the Brancolada went heavy, using rum and Branca Menta as its base, the Nilsson Schmilsson tacks lighter to match the bar’s bright, airy feel. Navy strength gin is combined with sake, lime juice and vanilla syrup, then lemon zest and toasted coconut crown a hill of pebble ice. It’s a dreamy-tasting drink that has you ordering a second before the first one is half done."

URBAN DADDY: Greenpoint's Newest (and Only) Tropical Japanese Speakeasy

"It's a tiny space, awash with natural light in the late-day and early-nighttime time on account of an unexpected skylight. Airy, bright and full of uni, just how you like your date spots. Replete with gold light fixtures, navy blue accents and the occasional plant fit for a jungle, and you'll find it tucked behind Wanpaku Ramen—a literal stone's throw from Five Leaves, if one were to be so rude as to throw a stone..."

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“Tucked away into the back of a Greenpoint ramen restaurant, the Hidden Pearl was one of the most exciting new bars to open last year. The offshoot of Williamsburg favorite Donna takes a tropical Japanese-ish approach to cocktails, and if you’ve been meaning to go back, you’ve got yourself a few new reasons: Head bartender Luke Evans has added four drinks to the list…”

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"To get to The Hidden Pearl, you have to find the semi-secret entrance all the way at the back of Wanpaku, a ramen place in Greenpoint. But once you get inside, this place doesn’t really feel like a hidden bar or a speakeasy. It’s just a tiny spot with a skylight and a few nice tables, and the staff is extremely friendly. The Japanese-inspired cocktails are excellent, and you can order snacks like pork buns and tuna on crispy rice. Make a reservation, and bring a date. It’s perfect for that."